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This year we are celebrating our Seventeenth year on Earth Day weekend. Please join us in a poetic celebration of our birthday and Earth Day. Forrest Fest takes great pride, in providing Lamesa, Texas, and Surrounding Communities an exciting Poetry and Music Festival during April, National Poetry Month.

 Forrest Fest 2017 April 20th — 22nd


Forrest Fest 

Twenty- Seventeen marks the 17th birthday of Forrest Fest. This two day Poetry, Music and Art Festival takes place during April every year in Forrest Park, Lamesa Texas. For directions To Forrest Park Community Center Click Here This years event will be held on April 21st and 22nd.  If you would like to make a contribution to our community, you may do so by participating in the Forrest Fest community service event on Friday as we visit our local radio station, assisted living facilities, senior citizens' center and boys and girls clubs and bring our program to these groups.

Our Story

Forrest Fest Honors Three Great People

Three people Forrest Fest wishes to honor are Peggy Lynch, Noble Gene Stafford and Jeannie Hutchcraft.

Peggy Lynch was a Poet and Lecturer in her native state of Texas. She received a BS degree from UT in Austin and an MFA from SMU. She was honored with five Pushcart Prize nominations. In 1983 she and her husband, Major General Edmund C. Lynch co-founded Poetry in the Arts promoting poetry, music, and art as a cultural alternative in Austin, Texas, and providing a forum for poets and artists. Peggy was a staunch supporter of Forrest Fest and attended many events.

Gene Staffordwas a Farmer and Rancher in Dawson County, Texas and a closet poet. A long time friend of one of our founders, Gene Stafford served on our Board of Directors from 2004 until his death. A true cowboy poet, such poems as "The Day My Angel Died" can bring a tear to the toughest eye.

Jeannie Hutchcraft was one of the mainstays of Forrest Fest. Jeannie lived in Austin and spent her life supporting poetry venues such as Forrest Fest and Expressions in Austin. Jeannie was a caseworker for Health and Human Services. After her death, her daughter gifted us with her little-known collection of poetry. 

Forrest  Fest Histoy

Forrest Fest was founded in 2000 by a local group of poets and Incorporated in 2004 by Connie Williams. Professor Williams turned a class writing project into an Annual Community Poetry Event. The Poets named the Fest after the local park, Forrest Park, honoring S.Lamar Forrest who donated the land for the creation of the park in May of 1952. Since its inception, Forrest Fest has become a vital part of cultural growth for Lamesa and Dawson County providing an outlet for Poets, Musicians, and Artists to express themselves. 

Mission Of Forrest Fest

Our mission is to provide literary access to a culturally diverse, economically depressed rural community. International Poets, Musicians, and Artists gather every year during National Poetry month to share their work with school children, assisted living centers and the community as well as participate in workshops, and open mic poetry and performance opportunities. Activities vary from live radio appearances to music concerts at a local community venue presented by Poets from Academia to the Streets of London.

When Is Forrest Fest

Forrest Fest 2017 is April 20th — 22nd

(This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change depending upon what the wind blows in).


8:30am Continental at Connie's

Ramrod Trevor Wainright Hosts for:

9:30am KPET Radio

10:15am Sage Assisted Living

12:00am Senior Citizens

4:00pm Boys and Girls Club, Bob, David, Trevor, Erik & Phrank & Steve.

4:00pm Raane Lavota, Workshop at Center- host Connie Williams

Book & CD Release Party:
6:00pm Loretta Walker, "In My Mother's House", Odessa
6:15pm Candace Samuelson
6:30pm Charles Behlen, NM
7:00pm David Finger, Lovington, NM
8:00pm Jim Harris, Hobbs, NM
8:30pm Carol LaValley
8:45pm Desiree Henley, Abilene
9:00pm Sarah Hutchcraft, Austin
9:30pm Raane Lavato and the Kahns, Albuquerque NM
10:15pm Slam


9:00am Continental at Center with Cathy Martin

10:45 am Beehive's I & II

12:00 pm Lunch location TBA

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Boys Club Lake

Saturday Evening

6:00 pm Announcements, Connie Williams

6:30 pm Host Ken Jones

7:00 pm Steve Brooks

The Crack in Everything:

The Theology of Leonard Cohen

One of the great songwriters of our time, Leonard Cohen was perhaps the most spiritual. He spent five years in a Zen monastery. His songs are cryptic koans, about the contradictions of seeking light, love and justice in a dark and fallen world, while holding onto humor and hope. Songwriter Steve Brooks sings and unravels some of his favorites, while he explores their lessons for surviving the New Dark Age.

Poets In the Wind:

Bob Mud, Australia

Cathy Martin

Trevor Wainright, Castleford England

David Young, Austin

Sarah Hutchcraft, Austin

Julie Clark, Lubbock

Desiree Moore

Daniel Ramos

Carol Baxter

G - No

C.P. Maze


If you would like to register for Forrest Fest you may do so by clicking on the Button Below. Forrest Fest is a wonderfull place to meet other creative souls, make new connections and most of all  have a great time.  


Donate To Forrest Fest

Forrest Fest is a 501(3)c and is made possible by grants and donations. Please make a donation to keep Forrest Fest as an active cultural developer. Funded in part by the City of Lamesa, Lamesa National Bank, First United Bank and Texas Commission on the Arts

The Lamesa Area Chamber of Commerce